PANO 360

Detail Tech Specs


Product Dimensions

& Weight

Power & Battery




Rose Gold

PANO 360 Weight:

220 grams ( 8 ounces )


Running up to 8 Hours

Time lapse:

Running up to 4 Hours

Battery Capacity:

1000 mAh / 5V

Battery type:

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Environmental Requirements


Operation temperature range 0°C (32°F) + 40°C (104°F)
Storage temperature range -20°C (-4°F) + 70°C (158°F)

Relative Humidity:

System Requirements

iOS 9.0 or later

Android 5.0 or later

In the Box

PANO 360 Stabilizer

Remote Control

Smartphone Clip

GoPro Adapter

User Manual

Pouch Bag

USB Cable

x 1

x 1

x 1

x 1

x 1

x 1

x 1

Wireless Control

Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology 


Full Aircraft Aluminum Body

Carrying Capacity

Devices support up to 2KGs

⌀ 56mm (D)

Mounting Options

1/4 Screw:

Support with GoPro / DSLR / Smartphone clipper / 1/4 mount.

360° Plus *

* Keep the rotation in same direction and able to rotate more than 360°.

Rotation Angle

Variable directions:
Clockwise & Counter-clockwise

Pan rotation angle:
More Than 360°

Moving Time Lapse with timer & compress level setting:

4X, 8X, 12X, 20X & 40X



Photo Mode

Panorama Mode

Video Mode

Time Lapse Mode


Via USB Cable

Caution for Use

Release from 1/4 Screw of PANO 360:

When the mounted Camera or Device / GoPro Adapter / Smartphone Clip cannot release

- STEP 1. Press down the 1/4 Screw of PANO 360 until go down to bottom.

- STEP 2. Turn Anti Clockwise, the device can be UNLOCK, turn clockwise the device can

                  be LOCKED.

PANO 360 is NOT waterproof.

Press On/Off Twice for Urgent Stop.

Do not turn the motor when it physically stop, will cause damage of the device.

Tripod Socket (1/4 Screw):

Connect with Tripod, Selfie stick, etc.

1/4 Screw

Tripod Socket (1/4 Screw)

PANO 360

63mm (H)

⌀ 45mm (D)

15.5mm (H)

Charging Port

Panorama Mode:
15s / 360°

Time Lapse Mode:
60mins / 360°

Video Mode:
15s / 360° (non-stop)

Connect with

Remote Control

Pan directions:
Clockwise & Counter-clockwise

Panorama Mode

Video Mode

Directions Control

Time Lapse


ON / OFF/Pair

For more details,

Please refer to the Product Instructional Manuals  and Videos.

Available from August 2017



PANO 360